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Field Day
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Field Day Event

    1. Number of Participants: Each event will consist of multiple teams with 4 – 8 participants per team. 
    2. Number of Games: Every event will consist of 5 total field day games. 
    3. Management: All events will be accompanied by two or more Woody Pine Sport Site Managers. 
    4. Event Length: All events are two hours. 

Field Day Games


Three people from each team will participate in each round. One pitcher, one catcher and one conehead. The pitcher attempts to knock the cone off the head of the conehead position with an underhand toss. The catcher will retrieve failed attempts and return the ball to the pitcher. The cone must be knocked off of the conehead before time expires in order for the team to move on to the next round. Positions rotate at the conclusion of each round. May the best conehead win!


All team members form a tossing order and are assigned a designated cornhole board. Four bags will be thrown each round with standard scoring (1 point on “Woody”, 3 points for “In the Hole”). Each round has a bonus bag that is worth 2x standard scoring. Teams decide who in the tossing order gets the bonus bag each round. Scores are tallied after 5 rounds with top teams advancing to the elimination rounds. Choose your bonus bag shooter wisely!


All team members must rally together to race a balloon down the field soccer style (no arm or hand hits allowed). It’s a race to see who scores first in their team’s white trash can. Three rounds of balloon soccer fun are played to settle on a clear winner!


A team will nominate two members as their representative duo for each heat, one catcher and one tosser. The tosser must accurately throw the frisbee from an established distance to the catcher standing inside their team’s strike zone (Hula Hoop). If the catcher can maintain at least one foot in the strike zone while making a clean catch, the pitcher/catcher duo advance to the next round. But beware, each round is more difficult than the last!


All team members must hustle across the field to an established checkpoint and back while balancing a pickleball on a pickleball paddle. Drop the pickleball and you may lose precious time having to place it back on the pickleball paddle before you can press forward. Yet walk too cautiously and you may fall behind those willing to embrace a little risk. It’s a balance of speed and precision. Only the victor will discover the winning ratio!


All team members must synchronize their geometrical skills and put together a jumbo size 50 piece puzzle. First to piece together their masterpiece wins the heat. The pressure is on for each team to crown themselves the speed puzzles masters!


It’s a team v team faceoff! All team members form a demolition order for the careful destruction of the jumbo size jenga tower. Yet the clock is ticking for each team member to successfully remove a strategic piece from the tower. Remove your piece, stop your team clock, and put pressure on the opposing team. Teams take turns removing pieces until the tower falls or a team clock expires. Only one team will go down as the demolition experts!