League Policies

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    1. Roster Compliance: Each player’s first and last name must appear on the roster before he/she enters a game.
    2. Waiver Compliance: Each player must submit the waiver before he/she enters a game.
    3. Roster Changes: Team’s may add players prior to the start of the 4th week of the regular season with approval from Woody Pine office staff.
      1. Captains may add players to their roster by inviting those members to the team through league registration software (League Labs).
      2. Any other roster changes, players must email info@woodypinesports.com.
    4. Playoff Week: All rosters are locked after the conclusion of the regular season heading into the final “playoff” week.
    1. Roster Limit: There is no maximum number of players on a team’s roster.
      1. The minimum number of players on a team’s roster is listed in table 2.3.
    2. Team Registration: Captains that sign up full teams are paying for a roster with the standard Team Size in table 2.3.
      1. Team’s that exceed the standard team size will be charged an additional player fee per additional player.
SportFormatRoster MinimumFemale MinimumStandard Team Size
Basketball 3s3v335
Basketball 5s5v559
SVB 4s4v4416
SVB 6s6v6629
IVB 6s6v6629
Futsal 5v5528
    1. Free Agent Registration: WPS staff will group free agents on a team with other free agents.
      1. Teammate requests are permitted on the free agent registration form and will be considered by the WPS staff.
    1. Uniform Requirement: All players must be in WPS t-shirts while actively playing the sport.
      1. If a team member needs a replacement t-shirt or a team is adding a player, please email info@woodypinesports.com.
    1. Equipment Included: WPS will provide all necessary sport equipment for each sport.
      1. Players are allowed and encouraged to bring their own sporting equipment.
    1. WPS Standard: Players in WPS activities are expected to conduct themselves in a respectful, professional and sportsmanlike manner. Players that do not embrace the WPS standard will be subject to removal from the game and/or event. WPS activities are geared towards a fun, social and competitive atmosphere.
    2. Player Conduct: All players, spectators and fans shall abide by good sportsmanship behavior. The following acts committed are subject to sanctions, including warnings, penalties and disqualifications:
      1. Continuous and excessive arguing with opponents, WPS staff or venue/park staff.
      2. Use of vulgar or profane language and/or disruptive comments directed towards opponents, WPS staff or venue/park staff.
      3. Any physical contact outside of gameplay will result in automatic disqualification.
    3. Sanctions: Conduct violations committed by players and/or team members may result in the following sanctions:
      1. Warning: A warning may be given by the Site Manager and/or for unsportsmanlike conduct.
      2. Penalty: If a player fails to correct unsportsmanlike conduct, a penalty will be given and the player will be asked to take a break.
      3. Disqualification: Excessive unsportsmanlike conduct will result in removal from the game. If further action is required, it will come from the league office.
    1. Injuries: A player who sustains an injury causing an open wound will be required to leave the game. Players may not re-enter the game until the wound is properly addressed and covered.
    2. Casts and Splints: Casts and Splints are not allowed in the following sports:
      Basketball; Volleyball
    3. Jewelry: Jewelry is not allowed in the following sports:
    4. Eyewear: If eyewear is worn, it must be sports glasses/goggles/masks. Each player is responsible for the safety of their own eyewear.
    5. Medical Alert Bracelets: Medical alert bracelets are permitted, but must be taped flush with the skin.
    6. Footwear: Permitted footwear is stated below.
      1. Indoor Sports: All players must wear athletic shoes with non-marking court soles. Hard soled shoes of any kind will not be permitted.
      2. Outdoor Sports: All players must wear athletic shoes.
        1. Sand Volleyball players are not required to wear shoes.
        2. Metal Cleats are not allowed.
    7. Pants / Shorts: Participants are encouraged to wear athletic types of shorts or pants.
    1. Team Forfeit: Forfeits will occur when a team is not ready to play with the league minimum number of players present to start the game.
      1. Refer to Rule 1.1 on the specific sport’s rule page for the starting minimum.
    2. Forfeit Notice: Teams are required to notify the WPS office staff of a forfeit by noon the day of games.
      1. Team’s are to email info@woodypinesports.com for forfeit notices.
      2. Forfeit Fine: Teams that fail to notify the WPS office staff are subject to a forfeit fine.
        1. Teams that are fined may be removed from the schedule until fine is paid.
      3. Scrimmage: A forfeited game will result in a scrimmage between any members of the teams that are present.
    1. Age Requirements: All players must be at least 21.
    2. One Team Per Night: Players may not participate on more than one team per league night of the same sport and league.
    3. Roster Check: Any team member may protest the eligibility of their opponent’s team members at any point of the game.
      1. Protests are to be directed to the WPS Site Manager for investigation.
      2. Players may be asked to show a photo ID to verify roster spot.
      3. Any player not on the roster will be disqualified from the rest of the game and the game will proceed.
    1. At the conclusion of each regular season during league play, WPS will host playoffs.
    2. Tie Breakers: The following criteria will determine rankings for teams that qualify for playoffs.
      1. Head to Head
      2. Points Against
      3. Points Differential
    1. League Credit: WPS offers league credit for teams or players that choose to drop out of the league before the season begins.
      1. Email info@woodypinesports.com for any questions about league credits.