Indoor Volleyball

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Indoor Volleyball Details

  • Professional Quality Equipment
  • Woody Pine Site Manager
  • Reserved Court Access
  • Food & Drink Specials at sponsor bar

Coed Indoor Volleyball 6’s Leagues

Love socializing, staying out of the Texas heat and..volleyball? Woody Pine Sports combines them all. We offer adult coed 6’s indoor volleyball leagues at multiple locations throughout The Woodlands area. From beginners to seasoned athletes, players of all abilities are welcome! Sign up a full team or sign up on your own and we’ll find a team for you!

Full Team (Captain Registrations)

Get your friends together and form a team today! Just go to the registration page, choose your league, and submit your team info. Guarantee your spot with your credit card. Plus – signing up a team SAVES MONEY versus everyone signing up on their own. It’s that easy!

On your own? We’ll help! (Free Agent Registrations)

If you don’t have a team, no problem – we specialize in placing free agents! Woody Pine Sports can help find you a team. Just sign up online and guarantee your spot with a credit card. Individuals can request to be paired with other free agents during the registration process. Sign up for a league today!

    1. Number of Players: A team will consist of 6 players on the court. Teams must have at least 4 players (including 2 females) to start a game.
    2. Starting a Game: Captains will face off in Rock Paper Scissors (RPS). Winner of the RPS will choose a side or serve first.
    3. Scoring: All games use Rally Scoring Format (a team does not need to be serving to score a point).
    4. Management and Officiating: All games are to be self-officiated. If at any point during the game a team believes their opponents are misapplying the rules, that team can ask for the Woody Pine Site Manager to watch and settle disputes.
    1. Gender Requirements:
      1. Female Minimum: A full team will consist of a minimum of 2 females on the court during play.
      2. Female Maximum: There is no cap on the number of females on the court during play.
    1. One Game Per Night: All teams will play one game per league night against one opponent.
    2. Game and Sets: Each game consists of a best of 3 sets. Each set is played to 21 points – win by two, straight up to 25.
    3. Game Length: There is no game clock.
    1. Three Game Guarantee: All teams are guaranteed three games.
    2. Game: Each game is played to 21 points – win by two, straight up to 25.
    3. Game Length: There is no game clock.
    1. Score Requirements: A point is scored by winning the rally (regardless of which team is serving).
    2. Score Announcements: The score will be announced before each serve. There are 2 numbers to call out when a team is serving. First number is the serving team’s score and the second number is the opponents score (ex: “8, 5”).
    3. Faults: The receiving team is to make in/out calls by the honor system. If a team believes a call has been made incorrectly, they may ask for a “replay”.
    1. Position: The serve is performed by the player in the back right corner.
      1. Server must be behind the backline when contact is made with the ball.
      2. After contact is made with the ball, the server is allowed to step on the court.
      3. Neither of the server’s feet may touch outside the imaginary extensions of the sideline.
    2. Ball Contact: Serve can be performed by hand or any part of the arm (Kick is not allowed in serving).
      1. Overhead and underhand serves are permitted.
      2. Jump serves are not permitted.
    3. Net Contact: Serves that hit the net and go over the net will be live.
    4. Service Faults: During service, it is a fault against the server resulting in a loss of serve and point if:
      1. The server serves from the incorrect serving area.
      2. The served ball touches any permanent object before it hits the ground.
      3. The served ball lands outside the receiving team’s court area.
      4. The server uses an illegal serve.
    1. Gameplay Faults: A fault will be declared and point awarded for the following:
      1. A team contacts the ball more than 3 times in addition to blocking.
      2. A player contacts the ball with any part of their body more than once in succession.
      3. The ball lands completely outside the playing court (excluding boundary lines).
      4. A player contacts the ball in the opponent’s playing space before or during their opponent’s hit.
      5. A player interferes with the opponent’s play by penetrating the space under the net.
      6. A player touches any part of the net that impacts the opponent’s course of play (not including hair or uniform).
      7. A player completes an attack hit or contacts the ball above the height of the net directly on the opponent’s serve.
      8. The ball is held, pushed, carried or lifted.
      9. A back-row player contacts the ball from the front zone when it is above the height of the net.
      10. A back-row player participates in a completed block.
    2. Three Hits: Each team is allowed a maximum of 3 successive contacts with the ball in order to return the ball to the opponent’s area.
      1. The only exception is the action of blocking where contact is made by the blocker. This does not count as a hit.
    3. Blocking: The following are legal defensive playing actions at the net:
      1. Any player participating in the block has the right to make the next contact.
      2. Players are allowed to block the ball across the plane of the net such that:
        1. After a player from the attacking team has spiked or hit the ball towards the opponent’s court
        2. After the opponents have hit the ball where the ball would clearly cross the net if not touched by a player, provided no member of the attacking team can make a legal play on the ball.
        3. If the ball is falling near the net and no member of the attacking team could reasonably make a play on the ball.
    4. Contact with the Body: The ball can contact any part of the body.
      1. Simultaneous contact with a number of body parts (anywhere on the body) is considered one hit.
    5. Hand Sets: The ball comes into contact with the fingers of one or both hands to direct the ball toward another player is a “set”. The ball must come in contact with both hands simultaneously to avoid a double hit.
    1. Rotations:
      1. A side-out is declared when the serving team commits a fault, and the ball is turned over to the receiving team.
      2. Players must rotate on the court and remain in that position until the serve has been contacted. Players that are in the back right hand corner will be designated to serve and continue to rotate clockwise.
      3. Must be 3 front row and 3 back row players.
      4. If a team is playing with less than the required players, they still must maintain the rotation and all rules above apply.
    2. Substitutions:
      1. Teams are only permitted to substitute a player on their side-out.
      2. Side-out substitutions must enter the match into the serving position.
    3. Time Outs: Each team is allowed one 30-second timeout per game.
    4. Injuries: In the case of an injury that causes the game to stop, the game time will be paused at the discretion of the WPS Site Manager.